Want to Become a Aerospace Engineer.

There are many great careers in engineering right now. However, one of the best has to be an aerospace engineer career.

Being an aerospace engineer is an exciting and prestigious job that pays very well. But exactly what an aerospace engineer does isn’t known by many. And how to become an aerospace engineer isn’t well-known either.

Obviously anyone who wants to become an aerospace engineer has to have a great interest in science. There also has to be an interest and a liking for math. Much of what an aerospace engineer does involves working with science and math. Without a great interest in both of these subjects, there’s no point in pursuing an aerospace engineer career.

Most aerospace engineer careers begin with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a similar field of study. Then most students go on to get a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. Some even go on for a doctorate degree. Once this is complete most people enter the workforce.

While in college, students majoring in aerospace engineering will have to take many math and science courses. These courses will be about things like thermodynamics, propulsion, avionics, controls, and structure. All of these types of courses will prepare the student to be an aerospace engineer.

There are a number of jobs that aerospace engineers perform. In general they will work on things like aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. People who work with spacecraft are more specifically known as astronautical engineers. Those who only work with aircraft are known as aeronautical engineers.

There are also a number of fields that an aerospace engineer can go into. These fields include teaching, researching, testing, field service, marketing, design, development, software development, and management. All of these professions require an aerospace engineer degree but they share very few similarities. It’s completely up to each individual to decide which way to go. There is a job for just about everyone, as long as they have an interest and a degree in aerospace engineering.

The salary for aerospace engineers is dependent on the exact field and the degree held. Some fields pay much better than others. The higher paying fields (like designing space shuttles for NASA) are some of the highest paid positions but they are also the most competitive. Obviously the higher the level of education completed the better the pay too. Still, any job in aerospace engineering is a good job and pays well.

With a bachelor’s degree, most aerospace engineers can expect to make around $50,000 when they begin their career. With a master’s degree the same person cold expect to make more than $60,000 a year to start. With a doctorate the very same person might expect to make about $70,000 when beginning a career.

An aerospace engineer career is a great career to have. However, it takes a person who is interested in science and math to be a good aerospace engineer. But once a person works hard to complete their education, and once they become an aerospace engineer, that person can expect to have a challenging job that pays very well.   

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