titled as ‘UNTITLED’ !

India: the country of religions, the country of great heritage, the country of those billions of people who fight with their own day and night to live. It’s a country where changes are not accepted even though it’s needed. Because the biggest hurdle is so-called society.

Here, almost no one has a right to live by their own way. Parents never let their children do what they want, from choosing career to choosing life partner. If one gets 90% in 10th and he/she wants to opt for commerce, parents are always ready to stop them in mid-way.’haaaay! What will people say? that abc bhai’s(himself) son/daughter is opting for commerce even after getting 90%!!!xyz bhai’s daughter is taking science in spite of 75% in 10th.No, you will have to go for science and that’s final,no argument!!!’ and the fate is sealed. Do we need to talk about the case of selecting a life partner by own!!! I don’t think…umm but let’s see little bit. One becomes the most unwanted person, in his/her family, in his/her neighborhood, in his/her community, if he/she does so. A son or a daughter becomes the biggest enemy just because he/she decides his/her destiny by own. The murder of human rights, I must say. Parents don’t allow their children just because of the orthodox mentality “what will people say?”!!!. (let’s talk filmy.) Gurukant Desai from Movie Guru, Farhan Qureshi from 3 idiots, Rahul Raichand from K3G every one has suffered from this(ego of their parents!!!?) None of them was supported by their parents (mainly by father).Everyone sees these movies also gets agree to this, some of them cries while watching, but when it comes to their own, they can’t recall those tears for their own children. Let me tell those people something.

Put yourself in place of yashwardhan raichand and think whatever you’re doing, or whatever you’ve done to your child is fair?

It’s true that roots of Indian culture are very strong and can’t be changed as easily as we think. But is it fair to be so rude to your children just because of your ego? Your children are far more important than this virtual society. I’m not telling you to let them head over you. At least listen to your children, give a healthy advice for what they want to do. If they are totally wrong then you can explain them. They are the part of your own. If they think somewhat different than you, want to do something which you don’t like initially then it doesn’t mean that they don’t respect you. There always lives ‘shravan’ in heart of every child for their parents. Think of a situation; how happy they will be and how happy you all will be as a bound family, if their dreams come true. Come out from the mentality ‘what will people say?’!!!?. Let your children breathe by their own. Give them a chance, I’m sure the young blood of yours will never disappoint you.

I want everyone to make their parents read this article.(of course if it is published!!!)

[I couldn’t find fair title for this,(if I’ve done so I couldn’t have done it justice.) so I titled it as ‘UNTITLED’.]


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  1. Actually,I’m not agree with you.our parents do lots of for us without any selfishness.we are thankful to them.
    & see current situation,Old age home & etc..b’coz of Children.and there is so much problems in life rather than this small topic..

    • Look, no one can question about how great their parents are. Of course they do a lot for us and we definitely owe them love and respect. you might have noticed that I didn’t blame parents.(except few words which can go against it ) the main reason for it is that we live in such a society where we are used to follow conventional and orthodox rules blindly but the convention may not be right all the time. Somewhere down the line injustice is being done to children, may be explicitly. What I’ve mentioned is children should be listened and allowed to do what they want regardless of what others think. And what you’re telling old age home and other things is totally a different scenario; in that case age group of parents and children is different than this. No doubt they are major nuisance and should be driven off.

    • Agreed there are many problems in life rather then these….But IN one line I would say- “all problems matter to those concerned and affected”.

  2. Good article. Expect it in 5th Issue of DDU Connect!

  3. That’s great.thanks a lot. Let’s hope for the positive response from readers.

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