THUNDERBOLT: Set to give a Lightning Interface

               Thunderbolt, this word is now all set to create a stir in the minds of tecnofreaks and techsavvies after already turning the benches in the international market. So what  is all about this word for which I am creating such a hype. Well all I have to tell is that Intel and Apple have yet again hit the markets with yet another ground breaking technology. Ok one question to you… Ever thought about transferring an entire HD movie in just a flutter of your eyes…?? Ok Ok…I am telling about it…wont exaggerate more and keep your minds ticking…

                Well Thunderbolt, (codenamed as Light Peak), was initiated by Intel in 2009. It is an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer via an expansion bus. Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple Inc. Thunderbolt combines PCI Express and DisplayPort into a serial data interface that can be carried over longer and less costly cables. It offers a shocking speed of 10 Gbps.( Don’t read again its no printing mistake. Wink). Yes and that too it would be bi-directional. It would also be power over cable type so one can charge through it too. Also daisy chaining up to 7 devices is supported.(Well on reading this term I got happy k ‘Hash vanchyu e kam ma aayu’) Laughing

                Ok so simplifying these geeky terms, let us have a naïve look of it. Thunderbolt is just like USB, the difference is as you read that display port and PCI bus is combined to give a nitro-boost to the speed in transferring the data. Well to explain it even more easily take a look at this pic.Working of Thunderbolt

                 As you can see, there are two Thunderbolt Controllers, and a simple PCI and display port. Well the data is sent via simple PCI bus and display port and then mixed together by this Thunderbolt controller and then it can be transmitted over a Thunderbolt cable and then by applying the same process in reverse, you are all set to view favourite HD movie..!! But you have to use a special Thunderbolt cable for this purpose. But after that it is all set to give you a mind blowing speed in transfer. Also it is costs just for US$49 for 30 meters which is really cheap in comparison with RAID units priced at US$1499.

So what are the benefits offered ??

                Speed is a natural answer. Well other thing is that it would just change the face of the networking world. The significance of connecting the devices as an external device would be forgotten as the speed at which the devices would function would make them function as if they are internal devices such as an HDD or RAM.

Speed Comparison

                Here is a simple graph of the speed comparison between various modes of transfers and Thunderbolt. You can clearly see the sky-rocketing peaks of the Thunderbolt technology. No other interface is even an inch closer to it. Even the most latest and hyped USB 3.0 is only halfway to it.

                And to talk about the headway about this technology, well it has already hit the markets. Surprised that you didn’t know…?? Well that’s because it has just been popped along with the “Unaffordable” Apple MacBooks. Yes MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and Sony Vaio Z21 series are the only ones offering the Thunderbolt ports. And don’t worry Intel has already rolled out the chip for other companies to give their customers a ride into a new world of networking. So you would be soon enjoying your HD movie transferred just from your friend’s lappy…!!! Smile

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