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Things change, and so do people; but what remains forever are a bunch of those nautanki Friends who somehow remain entangled for life. And well of course, if you are among those lucky lads, you even come across, your Love while you still are trying to remember Kirchhoff’s Current and Voltage Law!! Thodi Dosti, Thoda Pyaar, is a story of a young boy Mihir, (an Electronics and Communication Engineer) and his set of friends as they live their best days, in a most affable city- Nadiad.

EPISODE-I:  The Internal

Internals brought along with them several changes: Maggi became a staple night food, Tea made an hour before rapidly went out of Stock, Group study was the new ‘in’ thing, Notes got xeroxed at the speed of light and even college couples romancing over phone discussed studies.  While internals formed a part and parcel of my life, it was this one that completely transformed my future.

“It wasn’t for the first time that she was there…we had been talking for ages now. Beautiful – special and something I had been dreading all year long…It was the day when I was going to tell her all…The moment even bigger than India Winning the World Cup. After years of being ‘just friends’ with her, I knew one thing for sure now – she was the one I loved!”

“Bhai wake up…!” AGRAHHHH! Well that was customary, no friend not even the best of all would wake you up as warm as your mom did. All I got was a big dig on my body and fortunately at the right time for I had no intentions to study Linear Electronics, if I hadn’t been kicked by Rahul!!

Yawns continued to haunt me but often your desires get flecked by wants forcing you to let those wishes set free and get back to the harsh reality. Studying hard was the only option I had for I knew if I had failed to get those 17 marks, I was sure shot falling into a hell lot of trouble.

I stretched, distractions continued for a while but then I was compelled to get straight into my in-depth study of “Transistor and its biasing”. For next two hours I gazed into that dramatically written yellow Milliman Hulkias, pondering over things I could grasp.

Linear Electronics was the hardest subject that I had come across and my seniors hardly helped for they had labeled it as the most defining subject for our future careers. With the little advent of determination creeping in my mind I was sure if I had an exponential increase of the little confidence I had suddenly gained, I was sure to do wonders. I set my notes right, took out those disheveled last year papers, and set out for something I HAD too

“A circuit used to establish a stable point is called the self biasing configuration. The current in the resistance (Re) at the emitter lead causes a voltage drop which is in the direction–and it was beautiful— the best I could imagine. Somehow she had completely captivated me in her charm, and every single moment dreaming about her made me reach utopia”


“Yeaaaaahh!!…That’s exactly is what I am saying, the answer is different behind, bhai…”

Rahul and Arav’s sudden burst of volume levels bought me down from where I had began this journey to Milliman Halkias.

Rahul, Arav and Shauriya were my roommates, and somehow also the most integral part my life out there at Nadiad. While all four of us had contrasting personalities and characteristics, what made us stick together was that unconditioned trust we had on each other. Time went by and before I could realize it was already 8:30 am. Shower was something I skipped during internals, yet I knew I was late. The Night had taken its toll and as I hung my bag behind, running after Shauriya, Arav and Rahul, I hoped desperately to get those 17 marks on which my fate resided.

Destiny though had different plans and so did those moments of love and juvenile friendship, that came my way, owing to the fact, that I got late for my first Internal, Semester III.

Being Part and parcel of every DDUian’s life- Thodi Dosti aur Thoda Pyaar (And of course, Bahot saare internals) urges us not only to manage ‘almost everything’ with our college life but live those miraculous 4 years of college in the most amicable manner.

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