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15th November 2009 : Linear Electronics Internal

This wasn’t among those regular internal exams which only comprised questions asked from sections of curriculum I had left or those which required magnanimous circuit solving abilities but getting first things first, it was this internal which led to a new inception of problems in Rahul’s life and love in mine.



As she came near, I cursed her even more, I just wished to put across my watch and show her those remaining 2 minutes which could be efficiently utilized to copy. This is why I always felt paper collection policy was unfair ; while I had to submit my answer sheet, rest of the class copied more than what they written in that one hour. Nevertheless all that I cared were those 17 marks which I needed desperately. Me, Arav and Rahul discussed, but each of us having applied different logic to every other question, we waited to meet Shauriya – the brightest of all to resolve our difficulty.

“Bhai, seriously!! He picked up exactly the same sum from that yellow booklet…Dekh”

“It’s 200 Meters here! Tu dekh saale!”

“Bass re! Off to Canteen, you both! Shaurya texted, he is reaching there directly!”


It was big, pushed in with tables and a wide fast food menu to be served. I pushed open the canteen doors and rushed in my distressed attempt to corroborate those 17 marks


AGRAHHH!!!!…I hadn’t learned it then, but it was a sure shot head on collision. The Hustle Bustle of canteen came to a sudden stop. I was thwarted behind and the lady I banged with was thrown on floor.

“Hey Sorry, I- um -I just dint see you coming” she clued-up

“Ahh!! It was never was your fault…Umm”

“Vritti…well Vritti Roy, from Ahemdabad (I was so sure of that, who dint know her in College)

“Mihir Desai from Baroda, I hope I dint distract you, on your way out” and I winked at her “ahem, well I meant was it some Truth-Dare-Stare Game that you guys were playing…eh?

“Well well Trying to flirt is it, Mihir?”

“Is it working?”


“Well, am not flirting then”

 “Woahh, I like it! You seem to be pretty interesting”

“Well you don’t seem stay in here, isn’t it?” I inquired further

“Yeah, actually I commute in college bus from Ahemdabad, its always more fun there”

“Well I was just thinking if we could exchange number’s I mean it’s pretty much fun talking to you.”

“Yeah sure: 9099439804”


Rahul Arav and Shauriya and some 2 other girls were right by my side within fractions and with around seven people together right at the entrance we decided to shift to gardens.

“Well this are my mates Arav, Shauriya and Rahul” as three of them leaned forward to shake hands with Vritti

“And well these are Pratiksha and Neha, My best buddies; we have been together all the way through school and now college”


It all started, and within an hour’s time it never seemed as if we guys were strangers .Praiksha Neha and Vriti formed a good company though all three were very different what really stuck chords was the ease with which they mixed with us guys.

“Guys, Guys we have to go, the bus leaves at 2:30pm.” Pratiksha said all of the sudden

“Ahh shit!! It’s already 2:20…yeah we better leave but it was great talking to you people!”

 “Bye Pratiksha, take care” whispered Rahul after we collectively bid farewell to the girls!!

“And yeah Mr.Desai, The number I gave you was a wrong one, so keep talking to the wrong one while you still wait for your miss right!!” jeered Vritti

“Grrr, you wait for me till tomorrow”

“Bye! Have fun, Cya Tomorrow!!”

“Oyee when did you have her number…bola bhi nahi lukhe” 3 of them roared

“Haa bhai- will explain when we reach hostel! Pakkka”

“Off we go then!”


When a set of girls enter your group they do bring far-reaching changes, it all seemed good, at least for now.

Every DDUian’s life does revolve around – Canteen, an opening for Pheli Dosti and lovely DDU Gardens cultivating Thoda sa Pyaar. It is these places that enhances friendship and brings out a bond of camaraderie that you’ll cherish lifelong. Don’t miss on them! – Dedicated to all those moments of Dosti at Center Foyer Lawns.

This was an abstract from my compilation of stories about my life @ DDU. Hope you liked this piece of sharing. I’d love to have your reviews at:

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