_DiUe3a4BzcLove – can we define it? When googled, the most famous results we get – all those dialogues, romeo-juliet’s, heer-ranjha, etc… etc…!! But in reality – it is what you feel, how you express. Love has got different aspects, different definitions, and different explanations. It varies from person to person. Some love stories become successful, epic in their own unique way; but some fail; and what remains are only the tears of the loved ones. And the one which does fail; fails to get one with the beloved; due to some or the other reason – is the Unfortunate lover. This is the story of a girl I used to know…

Beautiful, loving, and caring, the best cook, always happy and smiling; but then one day, I noticed that her eyes were wet; tears never did stop rolling down her cheek. And amidst the cool grey and pleasant weather, the sweet sound of the drizzle, she was in grief. It was a mournful evening for her. She was going through a repellant punishment of leaving her home, her friends and most importantly her beloved. Yes, she was guilty, and her fault was – that she LOVED. She truly loved a guy, who was once a best friend of her. Soon the drizzle converted to heavy rains, and her tears were now, one with the rain drops. She was now completely wet by the rain; crying, screaming, aching, because that was her last day in the city. She was going far, far away and what was worst? She was all alone. She had a bag full of memories – funny moments with her friends, her beautiful and romantic meetings with her beloved, fighting on little issues with her younger brother, her cute and adorable relationship with her parents and many more nostalgic events packed in her heart. She was lonely moving forward, leaving everything behind. With everything that she packed in a bag, a drop of tear escaped her eyes, tumbled onto her bag and it was stuffed, and when she’d open it, they’d be accompanied by many more. Her Mom-Dad were upset with her. They took her bag and kept it in the car. She was howling, begging them to let her stay, and she was urging that she won’t do that again; she won’t meet her beloved ever again and was praying for their forgiveness, but alas! She was guilty – She loved a guy – and this was her biggest mistake; and hence she had to suffer.

Her beloved was unaware of all the outrageous things happening in her life and was happy far away on a trip with his family. Massive rains; big and heavy drops falling from the night sky; and thundering clouds making loud noise… that evening was dreadful for her. Her father held her soft, fair arms tightly and drifted her into the car and shut the door hard. She was crying, sitting along with her teddy – the only thing she had left now, and parted from the town swiftly. Her tears rolled down once again – and her memories were left in those relentless tears. She went, she was never gonna come back. After she left, nobody came to know where she was, all they knew was that she was alive somewhere on the planet. Her beloved came to know about all this and went into severe depression. He tried his best – to reach out to her – to convince her; but he was late – too late to go as far as the girl went. She left her darling alone, left her love miles away and just disappeared into thin air. She – the unfortunate lover – was my best friend and I don’t know where she is, I only know that I miss her a lot…<3

I don’t know she was right or was in love… she only did what her heart said!!
Khushboo Kewalramani

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