The Thirteenth Entry


Dear Diary,

It’s my birthday. I am finally 20.

This means that I have officially outgrown the right to exploit the powers of being a teenager. Now, I can’t be moody, picky, angry, self obsessed, frustrated and blame my ‘raging teenage hormones’.

It’s common knowledge that teenage years are difficult. We are headstrong, have the knack of misplacing  the most important things at home, have plates of food festering under our beds, whine over every element in the universe, seem to be stuck to our smartphones, are annoyed 90% of the times and do the exact opposite of what we are told to do. Yes, difficult it is. Difficult for teens or for the poor chaps forced to take care of us is a different subject altogether!

As the date on the calendar is about to change, I’m waiting for a magical spell that will successfully make me more mature, responsible and hopefully a little less sloppy. Or maybe I’ll be stuck in my teenage cocoon forever. But frankly, not that anybody ever gave me a choice; I don’t want to be an adult. I don’t think I’m even qualified for the job. How do people expect me to get responsible and suddenly develop socially necessary moral value when I don’t even eat the veggies in my plate?!

Ok maybe I’m simply being paranoid and overreacting to the entire situation. It can’t be that hard right?

When I shared my fears with Siddharth, he said that it wouldn’t be that hard because after all, it is what we always wanted and that I when it struck me.

When we were kids, all we wanted to do was grow up.

What on earth were we thinking?


Gloomy and not-a-teenager-anymore,



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