The tenth entry

Dear diary,

People my age are often asked this question, where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line? I see myself as a successful person, is the classic vintage reply all of us give. I am sure you agree to this being a mere listener to our silent yet fruitful conversations. I think it is natural for all of us to see ourselves as a successful human being. Everyone wants that. But does it happen just like that? The answer would be no, obviously! Different people have different reasons for not being to live up to the vintage reply they give.

Today as I was just having a leisurely stroll, carefree in my own zone, a sudden train of thought crossed my head. I suddenly out of nowhere remembered a conversation that I had with my father one night during my vacations. He was just being a father and guiding me regarding how I need to eliminate the flaws in me to bring out my full potential. He had said if I managed to do this then there was nothing that could stop me from reaching my goal. One of the main things he stressed on was Procrastination. At that point of time I took his words a tad bit casually. And here I am, procrastinating continuously about every single thing. I was so stupefied and shocked to actually realise everything about which he had warned me that could happen had happened. There is this sudden pall of realisation that has come over me that all that has gone wrong in life has something or the other to do with procrastination. It has some sort connection with me being lazy and lethargic to do stuffs and quite rightly so. My results plunged, I had this bad habit of delaying every single thing I had to do, my writers club had complains for me that I don’t respect deadlines and everything just seemed to be pinpointing at procrastination to be the reason for my downfall. I just have this strong determination that from now on no matter what happens, I will stop procrastinating. Enough is enough. I have to be responsible now, I am no longer a kid. I have to behave like a grown up and act maturely in all situations. For how long am I going to be like this lazy person? I have to act and it’s high time I act.

I have my dreams that I want to fulfil, I seriously want to live up to that classical reply and I very eagerly want to be a successful person. I want to see my parents happy and make them proud. Today I have a sudden sense of urgency that this is my time to prove myself to this world that yes this is me, I want to create my own identity. I have this strong realisation that this is my prime age and if I don’t work and be lazy and continue procrastinating then I would be nothing but a simple nobody and I don’t want that. This casual stroll has taught me a good lesson and has very subtly imbibed a sheer eagerness to make things right and race on the road of success.

Determined and firm,


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