The Fish’s Talent

Faraway on waters clear;

There lives a fish dear;

“The poorest creature lives here”;

Says the fish to the weeds near.

“That’s because I can’t fly;

Seize my victories where they lie”;

“That’s because I can’t walk;

And I could never dance or stalk”;

Then came a storm to life;

Took away every bird by strife;

It took away the weeds in sight;

With a power that was infinite.

The only creature that lived alive;

Was the fish that couldn’t fly;

Coz it was the only one that could;

Swim faster than anyone would!!

“After all i’m not the poorest!!”

Says the fish with a zest;

“Everyone has got a talent” says the fish;

And plunges into the clear waters with a swish….


Monarch Patel

B Tech sem 3 MH





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