The College Girl

3536354812_ff64bcc3b6Life was fine, things were cool, until the end of a summer,
The college started, my heart pounded, the first time I saw her.
Her gleaming eyes caught hold of mine, I was feeling so ecstatic,
I was so charmed by her alluring smile and persona so charismatic.
For the days that followed, and time that passed,
I grew more and more fond of her as time elapsed.
I bunked the classes, for a glimpse of her smile,
I denied friends’ company, rather walked with her a mile.
Eyes did the talking, not words, we kept quiet,
Her smiles and alludes rather gave me much delight.
She was charming yet simple, beautiful yet modest,
I thought “I am in love!”, I swear I’ll be honest.
“Is the feeling mutual?” the question perplexed me the most,
In my mind I kept reciting, “She loves me… Maybe not…”
Hesitatingly though, I approached, in an unconvincing manner,
I got no response, was chaotic and disheartened, feeling more of the latter.
I was shattered, disgusted, embarrassed and moved,
Life, which was at its best, was now suddenly screwed.
I just want to tell her what she really means to me,
But if things are as per God’s will, then so be it.

Sureel Sheth

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