The Broken Edge

WP_20130904_006Just when I was lying on my bed resting and pushing my ideas off studies, I saw a broken edge of my book rather the textbook wondering how come this edge of the cover is such. Who did this? May be it’s too silly. But Newton’s silly apple lead us to gravity. Yeah its not that great as gravity but my mind runs to this worthless world of nuisance. To my thoughts again, what must have caused this? May be someone’s hurry to push it in the library rack to follow our respected librarian’s orders or may be some student who issued this book and pushed it hard enough in his bag, caused this to happened. Who knows what the reason may be?

But I think what is so important than handling this most important thing? Some of them would say “Books are not a stuff to be taken care of” or some would say “Our seniors are so careless”. But they are the only ones who visit library during the exams searching for however worse condition the books are in. But why are these books such? Some of them without visible covers or some divided into parts for group studies or some having beautiful scripts specially hand printed or even cell phone numbers. We are the only ones responsible for our condition. Can’t we just respect these books which are our life savers (actually)? And the answer is…ask yourself dear…

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