I saw a child while passing by,                                  

Wishing from the falling star in the sky.              

When asked about his wish,

With ultimate innocence and a hiss.

Murmured in my ears with an insist,

“I want to be a Terrorist”

For a moment I was shocked,

And to an extent choked.

How terrorism and its effect,

Had such a deep impact!

How a group of people alone,

Who misunderstood religion had blown.

Pillars of humanity all over,

Sprinkling the land with blood shower.

Nothing can be gained by scratching wound,

Jubilating on the lost and found.

Lets not kindle this flame,

With each other to blame.

As revenge is the game that moves ahead,

Even after the players are dead.

Lets come together with march,

Making a family at large.

Trying to calm our members frustrated,

Seeing that they are not distracted,

So there is no longer a child with an insist,

of being a terrorist.




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  1. what must be going on that lil child’s mind..!!

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