TCS’ day at DDU:Synthesis’12

TCS Campus Commune

On 15th February 2012 Tata Consultancy Servies(TCS) conducted a Non Technical event Campus Commune (Named: Synthesis’12) . The students were very excited about the event as the registrations were already done earlier. All the participants were up and ready with the events they participated in. As it was a non technical event, the games/events taking place were full of joy.

The day started off with an opening ceremony where the HR Representative of the company gave a very educative speech to the 6th semester students.  Then it was followed by the elimination rounds of the events. The elimination rounds of the different events were based on the IQ level and general knowledge of the students. These elimination rounds showed the importance of updating our IQ levels. Later on in the day the main events and the final rounds of the events started. The events Balloon Grenade- CS and Wagon Wheel were the two most eye catching events where it seemed like the people observing them were having more fun than the participants.

The events like scrabble, grey matters and family feud were conducted indoors so the people waiting outside had a keen interest on what were the things happening inside. The final round of the event Adology was conducted outside on the Centre Foyer and the final teams were given general social topics like consumer awareness, save energy sources etc. The creativity of the participants was unleashed in this event and the participants as well as the supporters had an equal amount of joy. On other side the event rapchik reporter was conducted indoors and all the participants or the “rapchik reporters” I should say presented their detailed report of the whole day and showcased their communications skills.

During the Seminar- TCS Campus Commune

All the events were followed by a workshop on embedded systems in the seminar hall which was followed by the closing ceremony on the same venue. As explained by the HR of TCS, all the events though looked funny and full of joy but each and every event had a secret motive behind them and it helped people show off their communication skills. During the closing ceremony, the volunteers of DDU Connect spoke few words about our tabloid to all the TCS members present over there and again the response from even the executives was very positive and they have demanded a DDU Connect copy every month to be posted to them. So in the end different DDUians won different events but overall DDU was the only winner out of this wonderful event.

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