Subscription Day 2: The Connection Continues

Subscription Day 2

People showering love on their own DDU Connect- Day 2

The response on the day 1 was simply overwhelming. After experiencing such a response on Day-I, it was the perfect way to start Day-2. The good thing about Day-2 was, it had a Non-Technical Event called Synthesis oranized by the famous corporate house “TCS”. So due to that reason DDU Connect desk located at centre foyer was catching the eye of the students who ignorantly ignored it on 1st Day .

As expected as soon as the events kicked off, people started pouring in at the desk and showered subscription leaves for DDU Connect. Meanwhile, the campaigning took one step ahead today by the campaigning volunteers announcing about the tabloid to majority of the 6th semester students. The seniors listening to us with so much attention and the enthusiasm brimming off their eyes was just the perfect boosting for the rest of the day. Slowly and steadily the sun progressed over our head, the crowd started reeling in around the desk. Moreover all the major events of Synthesis was around that time, people gathered around and the human tendency came into the picture, while waiting for their respective events the discussion about DDU Connect started and the students unaware about it ( I don’t think there were many 😉 )  started inquiring about it.

The people who took their forms the previous day all returned with their filled up forms along with big and bright smile on their face and succumbed to the “Awesomeness” of DDU Connect. The day passed by and there was not almost a single moment when the desk was empty. Meanwhile the reporting team started their work of collecting news all over the campus and editorial team did SOMETHING. That SOMETHING will be unraveled in the 1st issue of DDU Connect. Keep visiting our website to keep a track on the progress of your very own tabloid DDU Connect.

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