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Mr. Pallav Pancholi

Mr. Pallav Pancholi is the Managing Director of C1 Drilling Fluids Consulting Engineers, Dubai, UAE. He completed his graduation in B. E. Chemical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar in 2001 under the tutelage of Dr. P. A. Joshi. After completing his graduation he shifted to Dubai to pursue his career in the Oil Industry. He has previously worked at eminent posts in various Oil companies. He was the Executive Director- Supply Chain at the XYZ Oil & Gas Company. He also served as the Regional Procurement & Logistics Manager at Scomi Oiltools. He has ace skills in the field of petroleum procurement, logistics, supply chain management, operational management and also an expertise in onshore and offshore drilling. He currently works at the C1 Drilling Fluids Consulting Engineers, Dubai as the Managing Director. His firm provides on of the best consultancy services in Onshore and Offshore Drilling of Petroleum and its derivatives. As the signing authority of C1 Drilling Fluids, Mr. Pallav Pancholi emphasises on superior supervision, and gives utmost focus on cost effectiveness, safety and environmental sustenance.
DDU Connect got an opportunity to interview Mr. Pallav Pancholi. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

1)How do you deal with increasing competition in the industry?

“I personally believe competition catapults growth opportunity. Considering life cycle of products and industry, constantly being innovative is what helps to strive in competitive market. I strongly believe that a dedicated team and open environment provides productive brain storming; which finally leads to the growth of company.”

2)What changes and developments do you see in your industry in the coming 3-5 years?

“With respect to non-renewable resources, the industry I belong to, I see a steady growth in terms of global consumption. It is remarkable that many nations are actively using renewable resources to lessen dependence on hydrocarbon usage. New avenues for explorations, demand, smart technology and environment friendly initiatives glorifies conservative use of non-renewable resources. Last but not the least, oilfield products are limited in supply, pros and cons are unavoidable.”

3)Do you believe that the market has changed?

“I don’t agree to market changes, its lack of alertness draws away opportunities. Markets are always dynamic; a close watch on market trends helps to tap wise opportunities and nullifies downward trends to a great extent. Global trends, crisis and threats keep you on foot to deal with volatile demand and supply reactions. Prioritizing the need of the hour peddles away the depressive effect of market turmoil and growth can be expected.”

4)Could you tell us about the environmental recycling programmes of your company?

“We strongly believe in green empowerment. In our company, all our product packaging is made out of recycled material. We practice lean supply chain management, and concentrate on product refinement and reverse logistics to recycle damaged cartoons and used container. Our factory houses solar powered lighting, abundant natural day light access, smart – green building concept for warehouses, process shade and office building.”

5)Please tell us about your “Corporate Social Responsibility” programme.

“Our corporate ideology is to share fruits of success equally and return rewards to the society and make environment clean and green for better tomorrow. Our manufacturing process and business practices are strictly aligned with Government provided guidelines to sustain environment and surroundings. On regular basis, we participate and organize various charity & awareness events. We promote smart-green-clean resource usage aligned with non-profit organizations.”

6)What are the qualities your companies look forward in students while recruiting?

“Human resource is the key to success for any organization. I feel new recruits should have deep knowledge about basics of industry, problem solving attitude, dedication, ethics and sincere approach towards assigned role and responsibilities. As we all deal with human beings, we expect that the new member should be accommodative, sincere and ethical towards the company’s objective. We believe in creating more capable leaders by providing conducive work environment and opportunity for personal and professional growth.”

7)On a personal note, any specific success mantra that you follow?

“I personally believe complete dedication, persistency and patience are key building blocks to achieve success in life. Adding to this, respect towards your organization and the people you deal with.”

8)What message will you like to give to our students and readers?
“My message to students and fellow readers is “Live in the present, be well prepared for the future and cherish sweet memories of the past”. Biggest risk is to not take any risk.”

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