Sheer ADAPTABILITY, literally !!!!

‘INDIA’, the country I adore and love the most, over all my prejudices, not because this is the country to which I belong, but only because of the reason that though we have 22 official languages, more than 1000 dialects, magnificent diversity in our religions, food, clothes and lifestyle culture, though we are the biggest democracy in the world and though we have the most detailed and expanded constitution in world, we have greatest ‘ADAPTABILITY’ of all human races on the earth!!!! At times, I wonder whether our sheer adaptability is MAKING us or RUINING us!!

Starting with, the heights of our adaptability are shown in the fact that the Britishers ruled us for over more than 200 years! After independence, the foreign culture and habitat continued to influence us in all ways from our languages, food and dressing, corporate culture to our lifestyles. Our dhoti, salwar, sarees, Patiala etc are becoming traditional wear, worn occasionally and we adapted jeans, shorts, pants, Tees etc in our daily life. We hate our regular daal chawal and get going with Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese etc food easily. We carry fantasies of foreign cosmetics, eatables, clothes, electronic goods etc products and culture too. Live in relationships, blind dates, on-line dating etc are the results of our high adaptability itself.
The world got adapted to ‘Queen’s language’ as an international means of communication and we got adapted to it over our mother tongues. The hilarious and shameful fact is that India hosted Asian games in English language and China hosted Olympics in their Chinese language!! Often we are shaken up by terrorist attacks to which we panic, criticize and protest for a while and then learn to live with it in our busy schedule. On the other side, USA took the revenge of 9/11, in justice of its people by assassinating Bin Laden!!

‘EDWARD JOSEPH SNOWDEN’ who quaked USA, the superpower, is a dissident to some and a traitor to some. But to me, he is purely a whistleblower. India too witnessed many whistleblowers in its history. NHAI’s project director Satyendra Kumar Dubey, Marketing Manager in Indian Oil Corporation Manjunath Shanmugam, Member of Right to Food Campaign Lalit Mehta, Environmentalist and Social Worker Amit Jethwa etc are some of the whistleblowers who are assassinated for fighting against corruption in their respective fields. Protesting and hunger striking for a while, we were satisfied with the government giving out bravery awards in the name of these heroes and moved on.

Surely, our easy adaptability to surrounding habitat, food habits and living culture, has helped us to settle easily anywhere in the world and gave us the chance to develop globally. And that is the reason that we find Indians in any part of the world. Secondly, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution ‘the species which has higher adaptability has longer life span!!’ This is the second and the last benefit that I could find of having higher adaptability (a pun).

India is a ‘developING’ country and if we don’t stop adapting each and everything, good or bad, right or wrong, so easily, we are never going to replace that ‘ING’ by ‘ED’. As my personal favorite Swami Vivekananda quoted “Society does not go down because of criminals but because of the in-activities of the good people.” This season go adventurous and rebellious against what harms us, it feels good, literally!!!!

-Heema Patel,
5th Sem, Civil.

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