Recruitment Day-I:Editorial Team

As informed earlier, DDU Connect commenced its recruitment procedure on 30th August with the Editorial Team. It was the right time to add the final clog in the system -the Third Tier of the DDU Connect Editorial team – the 1st Semester students. Today (30th August), the recruitment process began for the 1st semester students in Room no 1 at 5.30.

DDU Connect Team Members made class-to-class announcements to the 1st semester students in the newly built classes on the second floor and this announcement suddenly brought a smile on the faces of the students who were eagerly waiting to be a part of the tabloid of their university.

Close to 90 students came forward and showed their interest to work for DDU Connect by participating in the written test which was conducted to test the writing skills of the students. The test commenced at about 5.30 and by 6.30 all the zestful souls had poured  their writing skills and submitted their piece of work. These papers are being assessed by the faculties in MBA department, and the best writers will be informed about their selection. The selected candidates would be informed by SMS and moreover a notice would be put up regarding the same.

Lastly a special praise for all the 1st year students for the tremendous response. Keep your fingers crossed!

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