“Pharmacy: A life supporting science”

In our fast paced life, full of short-termed targets and upcoming deadlines each coming day, medicines have become an inevitable and unavoidable part of our life. Rising blood pressures and severe headaches are a day-to-day affair for today’s ‘internet generation.’ Undoubtedly we cannot survive without medicines and hence pharmacy becomes our ‘life supporting science.’

Disprin, iodex, atenolol, metacin, gelusil, etc have become our fast friends and everyone devours them without any hesitation. Gastric troubles and stomach cramps are no surprise with our frozen food and fast food culture. Anti-ulcer agents like famotidine and omeprazole are ‘gods‘ for most americans.

No one would deny the use of cosmetics. Afterall it is a status symbol for youngsters to flaunt their collection of fairness creams, deodorants, sunscreens, lotions, foundation creams, etc. All guys want to compete SRK and Ranbir Kapoor and girls want to look better than Priyanka Chopra.
We rely very much on the pharmaceutical products in our daily life and adore them with sometimes need and mostly affection.
-Mohin Sapara.
(T.Y. B.Pharm)

Hygeia was Aesculapius’s daughter and a Greek Goddess of health.

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