Once Upon A Time Reloaded, The Third Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
Festivities are lined up and so are the internal exams. But the exuberant Navratri celebrations have shadowed everything. Most of us are simply perplexed about what to wear tonight, rest of the worries have vanished in thin air. And that is why I love Navratri the most! The aura these days has so much of energy that even someone like me, for whom walking from Havmor to Vaniyavad is too tiresome, dances for hours together.
But there always is at least one person in every hostel, who is not fond of Navratri. To him (I’m using ‘him’ instead of ‘him/her’ just for convenience and not out of sexism), there are better things to be done than to dance merrily with friends. So the norm is to keep your distance from such individuals, if you do not want to dampen your festive spirit. This year, I breached the norm! I got myself into a discussion with Pradnya at the mess, and suddenly my focus had shifted from ‘which dupatta would match my dress?’ to ‘What next after bachelors?’.
I still cannot believe I had actually started labeling everyone I met while climbing upstairs as CAT/GATE or Placements. And to my horror, I saw a huge question mark on myself in the mirror. That was altogether another level of creepiness! But thank God, Disha came to my rescue. Else after a few days I would have had to reveal about having taken medication for depression just like Deepika Padukone. (Nothing can outmatch the effect of exaggeration). She made me realize that we still had ample time to finalize on one of the labels for ourselves. She also helped me solve the now-again paramount problem of choosing the dupatta. Finally, I was all decked up by 9.00 p.m., with the red dupatta properly draped on me.
I’m pretty tired after having danced for more than 2 hours, so I’m gonna keep this entry short. But yes a lesson learnt today- Choices and priorities differ, likes and dislikes also differ from person to person. So why get all worked up by hearing someone else’s priority?

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