Once Upon A Time Reloaded, The Sixth Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
I am writing after a long time because of our External exams and the pre-effects they had on me. Exams make me do crazy things. Those five days are like a journey on a roller coaster ride of five circles (read: subjects) for me. I display my worst side to the world with erratic moods and hungry mode always on!
I had one such crazy encounter with my friend a week before our exams. We were munching our home-made chivda in the short break and I immediately grabbed my mobile and was eagerly scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It felt as if in past two hours so much had happened across the world; people had met, ate and posted photos all over the social media. Surprisingly I was watching all of their posts and showing some of them to my friend too! I don’t know what happened to her that day but she lost her patience and was agitated at me. She literally lectured me for being so addictive. I guess it happened because she was taking a nap and I was constantly nagging her up to have a look at those posts. I felt insulted because you knowing a bad habit of yours is one thing and someone else pointing out is all together a different thing. I shouted back impulsively and it got the worst of me. I placed a bet of uninstalling every social site for the next one week! Unbelievable, isn’t it? But yes, I did say that. As soon as those words were blurted out, she was dancing around in the entire hostel announcing this. Our reward was the laari ka ‘dosa’. Her imaginations had already taken her to that stall and were thinking of the cheesiest ‘dosa’ they offered.
Even I thought of giving it up because it seemed impossible. But then there was my gigantic ego stopping me. It felt to be the most onerous task of my life. What was I supposed to do after getting up every morning, before going to sleep every night or in every mini breaks I took? It was weird, I felt uneasy. First day was worst. It was a horrible day watching everyone around you with their mobile but not able to do the same. Second day was the same. Third day’s morning again made me realize its importance but then I saw a newspaper lying there. I decided to read it and the morning felt good. I may sound irrational but I bought some magazines for the week, listened to music much more than usual and even talked a lot. I can’t explain exactly what changes it brought in me but by the end of the week, I was overjoyed to have survived it. Yes, you read me right! I survived the bet. It made me feel proud. By the end of the week, the urgency in me was gone. I of course installed them again but now it was a different thing. It no more felt like a compulsion, rather, just a mere time-pass. But the best part of the bet was definitely the treat;  ordered the cheesiest dosa which she had dreamed of and it tasted yummier than usual. Someone has said that after lots of hardships even simple food tastes like heaven and I believe it’s even more delicious when your friend has to pay for you.
(*a wink with a giggle*)
Satisfied me,

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