Once Upon A Time Reloaded, The Second Diary Entry

Hey diary,
You know what? It has always been very difficult for me to understand how people say no to anything or anyone so easily. Whether it is about sharing my Wi-Fi password or helping someone complete their assignment; I am unable to say a ‘no’ most of the times. I don’t know what happens to me when someone asks for my help on something, I just cannot turn them down. Even if I could, it would take a whole lot of processing to decide on how to deny!
I know sometimes people could just use me to get their things done and trust me; whenever anything like that has happened I have always known. Every time when I find out something like that has conspired, I decide not to say ‘yes’ anymore; but I always fail. As a child, I felt that helping others, doing something for others makes everyone happy. Because everytime I helped my brother complete his homework, everytime I helped my friend learn those little dance steps, I always got a grateful smile in return. No doubt, I still receive those grateful smiles from people I help and that is the reason why I became habituated of never denying to anyone. But as I grow up, as I move forward in life, I feel that there are people who just want to get to a summit. I notice that not everyone asking for your help really cares for you and not every single thing to be done for others needs to be prioritized over everything else. I feel that I should start accepting the fact that at times, I can have a bigger fish to fry and I don’t need to help everyone for everything.
Now that I have decided so firmly, I’ll start with saying a ‘no’ to my roommate to accompany her to watch a movie till midnight!
Determined as ever,

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