Once Upon A Time Reloaded, The First Diary Entry

Dear diary,

It was the festive month and I was stuck in Nadiad, courtesy- submissions. It was the most boring time in DDU. The first sessional had just ended which implied that all the journals had to be completed. I was sitting with lab manuals and journals beside me. So much had to be done and yet I was in no mood of doing anything. It was that sort of phase when everything seemed so mundane.

My mobile beeped. Our groups were active again. This time the topic of discussion was Independence Day, 15th August i.e. tomorrow. Everyone was arguing whether to get up early and attend the ceremony or not. Most of them just wanted to sleep-hum kya kare vaha jake, humara koi kaam nahi. I switched to Facebook and my wall was filled with patriotic posts. Remembering all the martyrs and showcasing affection for them through status updates felt more like a ritual. The people posting such status updates were the same ones who were not interested in attending University’s Independence Day ceremony. This made me sad. I googled Independence Day and re-read our history. I read Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech-The Tryst with Destiny; “At the stroke of today’s midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” Reading about the freedom struggle gave me jitters. I searched more and read everything that google offered me. Sixty-Nine years have passed since our country gained Independence. So much has happened during this time.

My mobile ringed; dad calling. We ended up talking about Independence Day. My dad is a true patriot. Every year, he used to take me to my school or his office for the watching flag hoisting ceremony and he would tell me stories about our struggle during British Raj. Soon that had become our yearly ritual. Honestly, I never even complained about it; I was always eager to accompany him. This would be the first time that my dad won’t be there to take me with him, yet I was willing to attend the ceremony. Just witnessing our tricolour soar high above in the gusty winds gave me a sense of unblemished pride and that feeling could never be traded with sleep.

And hence I set an alarm for 6 a.m. and switched off lights without checking our not so active group so that I could wake up on time.

Full of pride and patriotism,


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