Once Upon A Time Reloaded, The Fifth Diary Entry

Dear diary,
No matter how long the vacation is, it’s always the last week of it when we realize that we haven’t checked any of the entries in our so called to-do list for the vacation. Oh yes, I am talking about this Diwali vacation. I just enjoyed a long uninterrupted gaze at my house this Diwali essentially because I helped clean it (well, exaggeration is a must). We had our traditional family gathering on Diwali eve. It was rangoli time when my neighbors joined us and then began the much-awaited discussions; ranging from predicting the winner of the US presidential election to when will my cousins marry (I don’t know why aunties always love that!)
I don’t exactly remember when the discussion changed its course towards eco-friendly celebration of Diwali, which then continued for other festivals as well. To be very frank, I’ve started feeling irritated of this over-reaction to the word eco-friendly these days. “Crackers are a great cause of air pollution; so, say no to crackers this Diwali”. “Oh God! Such a huge amount of water is wasted for this silly celebration of Dhuleti; so, play dry Holi henceforth.” These are some of the dialogues used by some people who claim to save the earth by not bursting crackers one night in a year and use their bike every day to go to the very next corner of their street. I am not opposing the idea of peaceful celebration of festivals. But the way some people depress other enthusiasts by saying such lines is completely unacceptable. Sometimes these over reactive people make others feel guilty of having a desire to celebrate! If we are so much concerned about pollution, then why don’t we show our concern 365 days a year? Why does it come up only during the festivals– the only time when people gather and rejoice? Oh yes, the rest of the time it’s the duty of some NGOs to think of it, isn’t it?
Instead of jumping into that discussion with my family members and neighbors, I chose to complete my rangoli, light some lamps and burst some crackers. I have decided that I’ll plant a sapling in my garden instead of forwarding WhatsApp messages for pollution-free India.
Since I want to tick mark the box against ‘plenty of sleep’ in my to-do list, I am dozing off!
Tired because of the festivities,

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