MAKING THE PENDULUM SWING-The Journey from Campus to Corporate.


13th September 2011:The day that turned my life around. Like every other student of pre-final semester, I too was bemused and apprehensive about the career choices I had. Nevertheless, I sat for campus placements and got into Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. Form that day, to now; here I am striving to make pendulum swing from its one extremity (University) to another (Corporate World).

It’s not easy, when your one stepdetermines your capabilities, every mistake pushesyou downhilland every friend you make would be the one you would have tostep on for escalation. The world out there isn’t bad, until you make it.While many would begin what I began few months ago, here are few lubrication antics, with hope that they makeµ = 0, in your swing.


Let ‘The Wall’ Play:When you are learning to walk, it is your heroic ‘resolution’ that keeps pulling you up after every fall until your instincts figure out the art of balancing. But when you start running, the right ‘technique’ takes precedence over ‘resolution’. If you want to be a professional runner, it is not important how fast you can sprint from day one; rather, what matters is whether you have figured out the right technique first.

Everyone is a ‘Master of One’; you have to be ‘Jack of All’ too: Soft Skills take you, far ahead. If can you can sing and draw well – play a good sport or are a prolific Quizzer/ Debater; safeguard those talents. The biggest challenge is ‘Getting known’ amidst a whirl of co-workers!

Being Proactive:The world that you will live, would be tangibly devoid of divine intervention when it comes to fairness. Quite often you would come across people who are quite meek in their talent quotient, yet are immensely successful! And then again, you have many talented folks out there who just end up nowhere! ‘Luck’ plays a big part, but that is not in our control and so many times, the primary differentiator is the courage and promptness in decision follow-through along with your intra personal skills. Just making yourself available at the ‘Right time’ and ‘Right place’ would help you climb the company hierarchy faster.

You are an Engineer, get treated like one:The bosses that you would work for wouldn’t care for an outdated “yes-sir” functional style of their subordinates. If you feel, it’s not the right kind of work that you are doing, make sure you are ‘Heard’. The more you subject yourself to the injustice, the more it’s going to come.

PS: Of course, I am not encouraging you for any verbal duel; just make it, as they say “Professionally”


The Best set of Friends you’ll ever get, would be from your college: Make sure maintain an element distance between you and your co-workers. The only place where you could havefound a friend with whom you can be fanatical – laugh without any reasons – call when you are dejected was ‘College’; don’t miss on them.

You will always find Professor’s / seniors saying, “The hard work you’ve done here (courtesy: internals and journal plagiarism) would pay you latter”; when I was right where you are, somewhere in Boys hostel or PG with a gang of friends; I wondered how valid this was. And today I see this unfolding true.

Cybage:from the top most Sr. Project Manager to the bottom of company pyramid we have people from our college, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that the company thrives on them – how do I know this, First day of my office, a senior asks me what college I come from –DDU is what I reply and he tells me “Vo din door nahi ke DDIT, Cybage ko takeover kar legi”


2012 Passout

Currently working at: Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd| QA Engineer

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