Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage Software Engineer Perspective

Thousands of articles have been written, numbers of seminars have been organized, lots of GDs have been performed, but still none can conclude properly that “which is better, love marriage or arrange marriage…?” So I’m going to give one more try to compare these two methods of marriage, but as a SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Student. love_arranged

Love Marriage

Arranged Marriage

Provides most basic features like good user experience, great GUI and Customer Satisfaction. Sometime fails to provide most basic features like good user experience, Customer Satisfaction and good GUI.
It’s newer approach of software development. It’s conventional approach of development.
It’s like Windows based OS, you think it has all you want. It’s beautiful but sometime seductive. A chance of crashing such OS is very high. 😉 It’s similar to Linux based OS, may be boring in beginning still extremely robust and reliable. Chances of crashing are very low. Still if crashed then easily recoverable.
It’s like C, FORTRAN, COBOL (procedural programming  language).  Developer has some set of functions like flirting, dating, chatting, going to movie together, late night mobile calling etc. and then developer tries to fit all the functions in the candidate he/she likes. It’s like C++,JAVA (Object Oriented Programming). First developer has to fix the object (candidate) and then try to fix all the functionalities on him/her. In the main software these functions are added to increase functionality.
It’s like prototyping model of software development. If client requirement rises with time then it’s hard to maintain. Most of these features are covered as main functions in document called SRS (Software Requirement Specifications), so it’s easy to maintain.
Chances of failure of system due to insufficient detail are very low, because developer can get complete view of system if he/she is intelligent enough. It gives only ‘black box’ view of the system. So, sometimes system fails due to insufficient detail.
In many cases hardware called ‘family member’ gets damaged. Highly compatible with Hardware called ‘family member’.
You are the project leader and So, you are only responsible for successful execution of project (married life). You are just a team member under the team leader called parents. So, You are not completely responsible for successful execution of project (married life).
Acceptance test is possible; you can try before you buy. Acceptance test is not possible and product once sold cannot be returned.

After this comparison I want to point out some facts,

  • For best user experience and performance one must use both OS (Windows and Linux) in parallel, I mean “ARRANGED MARRIAGE AFTER LOVE” or “LOVE AFTER ARRANGED MARRIAGE”
  • After implementation of both systems, one must keep using Drivers like Candle Light Dinner, Quality time to your spouse, hugs, gifts etc. for better performance.
  • If once you start using Windows (you’re in love) , then it’s very hard to switch to Linux based OS (arranged marriage).


Hiren Mayani

CE-5th Semester

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