Love Birds

Two thin beams of moonlight,
Tackling every leaf, every branch
Of the enormous Gulmohar tree,
And reaching the rosy pink cheek of the she love bird,
Laying quiet, relaxed
In the silence of the night,
In the arms of her he love bird,
Not minding the periodic salty water drops falling on her face,
Lonely in the green grassy garden,
Belonged to the police commissioner,
Who once used to be father of the he love bird.

And now, gazing at her stone face,
Filled with blackness, blankness in his heart,
Confused feelings, a lot to say,
Yet nothin’.
The chains of sorrow, silence and emptiness,
Binding him tight.
But, he wasn’t among those,
Who remained bound.
So, he keeping his love carefully,
On the ground,
Went inside the house,
Coming back after a couple of minutes.
But had something
Shining in his hands,
By the reflection of the moonlight.

He went to her,
Hugged her, followed by a kiss on her forehead,
With tears in his eyes and smile on his face,
Drove that metal piece,
Called a knife,
Through his neck.
Feeling satisfied,
He lay besides his love,
Holding her hand,
And finally meeting her,
At a place where no-one,
Can separate them,
And can live together in peace
Kirti Sejpal,
3rd Sem, EC.

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