life :))

LIFE  is a journey.

-not a destination , you hav to enjoy the journey.

LIFE is a game.

-you have to play to win,backing up want to do any good.

LIFE is a drama.

-whtaever the situation you gotta a role to play which is de

LIFE is a song.

-you have to learn the lyrics to enjoy the music 🙂

LIFE is faith.

-without faith life is nothing.

LIFE is a paradox.

-live to hilt. you dont knw whts coming next.

LIFE is a school.

-it teaches you something every now and then.

LIFE is beach.

-to enjoy it you have to learn how to play with sand.

LIFE is sea.

– more deep thn wht you cn think.. and sometimes transparent yet mysterious.

LIFE is sky.

-the more u try to define it more it gets out of your reach.

LIFE is an hourglass.

-evantually everything hits the bottom,and you have to wait untill someone comes and turn it around.

LIFE is an advanture.

– dare it !! and you will love it.

LIFE is a struggle.

-accept it,fight it and win it.

LIFE is a promise.

-to yourself,to your family and friends and atlast to GOD.


-not finding yourself.

LIFE is a party.

-while you are here you have to dance.

LIFE is a rainbow.

-to live it you have to enjoy every colour.


LIFE  is Time.

– it always move on!!

LIFE  is a river…

-shaky but continuous wid no end…..!!

LIFE is something that u have to live . .

-.nt have to understand it. . .

LIFE  is nt like an i-pod, its like a radio in which u hv to adjust wtever comes in it…..

LIFE is  a paradigm

-its all depends on how you see the things:)





ATLAST LIFE is all about what you MAKE IT 😉

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