KALPSAR PROJECT: First largest fresh water reservoir in sea

What is the Kalpsar first of all? ‘Kalpsar’ means a lake that fulfils all wishes.  The word originates from the Hindu mythological ‘Kalpavriksha’ – a tree that fulfils wishes.

This Kalpsar project involves building a giant 64km dam across the Gulf of Khambhat (it was called the Gulf of Cambay) from Ghogha in Bhavnagar district to Hansot in Bharuch district. It will be used for generating tidal power and for establishing a huge reservoir for fresh water for irrigation, drinking and industrial purposes. A 10 lane road link will also be set up over the dam, greatly reducing the distance between Saurashtra and South Gujarat. It is surely a dream project of Gujarat wishing to come true. We are very fortunate that this project which is the largest fresh water reservoir in India and more importantly in Gujarat.

So it is a combination of dam and underground bridge. It is an extraordinary project that involves building a 64 km dam and turning a part of the Arabian Sea into a freshwater lake.This project would slash the distance between South Gujarat and Mumbai and also Saurashtra by about 225 km, because there is an bridge being constructed underneath the sea to directly jump from south Gujarat to the Saurashtra region. It will also solve the state’s acute water problem for a long time to come. Haskoning, an international company that carried out a survey on the project, has suggested that a multi-lane highway and a railway line should be built across the length of the dam.This project  was the brainchild of Anil Kane, a former Vice-Chancellor of MS University, Vadodara who first came up with it 18 years ago.

It will take at least 20 years to build and if it ever gets off the ground, it will cost around Rs 50,000 crore (Rs 500 billion). By harnessing water from 12 rivers, the saline water reservoir will gradually be converted into a sweet water reservoir.  This sweet-water lake will support harbours and fisheries, and also be used to irrigate the southern belt of Saurashtra.

This project is the world’s largest man made fresh water reservoir in the sea and also the Reservoir will have the storage more than double the SardarSarovar reservoir capacity. There will be large saving in travel time and fuel due to reduction in distance by about 200 km between Bhavnagar to Surat-Mumbai. Saline ground water of coastal area of Saurashtra & Central Gujarat will get converted into fresh water with reduction in soil salinity. About 2 lakh hectares land along the periphery of the reservoir will be opened up for development towards value-based land utilization. Bhavnagar port will get revived which will result into speedy development of the region. Wind and solar energy will be generated which can also be used for lifting fresh water from the reservoir to the canal.


The above shown image is the image of Arabian sea on which the dam (and bridge) will be going to be constructed.

Every citizen will be excited to see this proposed project which will become reality in some short time as the work is going on.


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