It all depends on US!


Most of us are entangled in finding a topic to ponder upon. Well, you

imagine and you text down and that becomes a TOPIC! With lots of fits and

starts, I have taken off my plane, so fasten your seat belts. There’s a

delight of gibberish all through the journey. (Not that gibberish either!)

You and me, all of us are fighting our personal odds. We toil, we try, we

work, we cry. We fight our level best. We even bribe our mind

making it think that all is totally well. But then someway

somewhat someday, we shatter. By odds, I mean any of the kind. ANY!

Difficulties in life at times are blessings in disguise. But this looks

pretty good just as a nice thought!

You can answer all the questions of life yourself, albeit a closer

inspection is required. Now the deal is how to absorb and react to all

those odds handsomely? I have got a crazy trick. I wish it helps u too.

Trick is nothing unusual but PRE-IMAGINATION! Pre-imagine situations before

they ever happen. I don’t mean that you must bank on this fact but try

once at least. Just once!

Each of us can pre-imagine (hope no one refrains from this fact). Take

references from the path you travelled or someone you know in person. From

the movies you have watched or the books you have read and an endless list

that follows in your brainy brain. It does not imply to the fact that you

become a bone of content to yourself and melt yourself down all day pre

imagining horrifying situations. Pessimists are assigned that job not you.

All of us, fortunately have an option to use our sub conscious department

(sixth sense could be a better word). Yeah sub conscious department for

visualizing possibilities and not probabilities. To me, sub conscious

department is one that helps me to think in the background, round the clock

without active attention. If I were a marketer, I would say that the

biggest benefit of this product (trick here) is that at any instance of

your life, no matter how good/bad the situation arrives, you won’t be

maddeningly happy or badly disheartened just because the outcome was once

a thought of your own mind! To correlate, consider an example of those

repetitive jokes that pop up in our cell phones and we scroll at light

years speed with no admiration at all because it already happened before.

So my point is, if you have imagined an up coming problem, should you

admire it when it actually happens? Think!

As said earlier, now its time for some real gibberish. Not away from

the topic but fascinating surely.

We tend to dig our own graves when life knocks us down. Here is one more

trick-MANIPULATION! Manipulate the most serious of situations into funny figments of

imagination. We all know that boundless is the beauty of imagination.

When you are bored in your biology class and you read that a human kidney

filters about 180 litres of urine per day (true fact), just think once if

all of it was to be freed in a single day? Our lunch breaks would have been

at least of 2 hours. Sounds totally crazy but that’s how you make your

subjects a whole lot easier!

You certainly must have got my point if you are undergoing the same thoughts as

I am. Below is a LOL list.

▷ You are cleaning your motorbikes wet seat with a nice furry dog just

because you are devoid of a rough cloth. (Only under experts advice)

▷ Dialing 001 and waiting at the door anxiously for the police van to

arrive in reverse direction.

▷ There is a competition where only you can participate, judge and decide

scores. Moreover, you’ll send the price money at your home through courier

with a congratulatory letter!( Imagine | visualize)

▷ Changing your birthday in your facebook account by increasing the date by

1 to the present date. Doing in large groups is fun. Birthday|Everyday!

▷ Experiment with food. As soon as you go to a restaurant, have an ice

cream followed with Jeera rice and Dal fry TADKA followed with main course

and finally ‘end with a starter!’ I guess the waiter may beat you or rather

himself if you ask for a finger bowl in the beginning! (Though worth an

attempt). If this seems still unsatisfactory, complain that spoon is

uncomfortable for rice-dal and you really want a PAWDAH for a change!

That was some real gibberish,I accept. It had my point anyway! Give

yourself a chance to imagine and your imagination a chance as well. No

wonders if it might make your life quite a lot more funnier and interesting

than you ever thought it could be! Just never shy out in thinking big or

bad or funny or illogical or a combo of all these. You never know, it might

turn out to be a founder of some new start up. Try it folks!


Life is a journey where we travel pillars to posts. All of us want our

names in the good books of the world. If all of us are battling the same,

who constitutes the world then? My dear DDU friends, not all the problems

have the tag of you. They are not all for you so try and sugar the pill

whenever you can. Give yourself and your imagination a try. “Vision without

action is day dream, Action without vision is nightmare.”

Anyways, the plane landed long time ago. Go home already. I wish I didn’t

undergo character assassination by texting the above.

PS: Those mad examples didn’t arise out of the blue. They were just a few

from a lot that I have had with my friends.

Most importantly, you at least need to smile internally as you ventured the

text or I am afraid you missed the charisma of it!


Gandhi Malav Nitin


Sem 3

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