Have you stared at her?!

Have you stared at her?! This is just a polite way (still I don’t think that it’s polite! but I couldn’t find better than this.) to represent ‘an exclamatory gujarati phrase’ which you hear or speak many times a day (here ‘you’ refers to BOYS, obviously though.) After reading this, some or all of you will kill me. (In your mind please! and again ‘you’ to BOYS) I personally think that this should be written by some female writer as it would be more effective and convincing. Anyways let me try out my hands on it. I know this is an odd topic to write on, especially by a male writer. And many of you will laugh at me for this gut, but believe me I gathered enormous courage while key-stroking every single word of this article. (This line was added at the last! 🙂 ) Few days back, I stumbled upon one of the blog posts of veronica gautam in which she has written an article echoing the same thing. Here I’m representing a male version of it. Read on.
They say that never blame god for anything what he has created as everything is totally perfect. I have little objection. He has misconfigured whole (not whole though) male community by implementing characteristic ‘excessive amount of staring’ (obviously at girls). Anyway I can’t blame god for this as ‘theory of karma’ says that you yourself as human are responsible for what you do. Ultimately they say right ‘never blame god’. We’re the ones who are completely responsible for this malfunction. (‘Excessive amount of staring’)
Take any public place, bus-stands, theaters, public markets and malls, and at last by the road side, boys never miss a single chance of staring at girls passing by them. And yeah, they also never miss to rate them by their different categories and criteria. It’s like a duty that they ‘have to’ stare and scan every girl passing by them. I can’t blame men for this as it’s in everyone’s DNA since ages and one can’t have a total control on such things all the time, I’m also one of them. But come on! To stare ruthlessly at every girl passing by you is not a great idea at all. Some are so wicked and shameless that they don’t even give up if a girl makes an eye contact and gives ‘I-really-want-to-snatch out-your-eyeballs’ expression. They don’t have anything like self respect even if they are caught red handed. Mostly this is not the case in higher and educated community but loop holes are everywhere. Looking once intentionally or unintentionally is ok as you can’t help yourself with it. But being so mean is not a thing which you can say manner.
The main and must required thing is RESPECT. As a famous Sanskrit phrase goes like this. ‘yatra naryestu pujyante tatra ramnte devata’ meaning ‘god lives there, where women are devoted.’ We Indians are renowned for our great culture, and we boast on that. We should not ruin it as it’s our heritage of millions of years and centuries. Women are the liveliest and the most important part of the word to keep it breathing. So, respect the double X chromosome clan! It’s a time to be fair to a fairer sex.

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  1. I guess wt m sayin shud b takn up by a guy bt il giv a shot..no offence!i believ derz no blame game its pretty naturl to react (obv nt to ovrdo d so cald malfunc)nd at tyms innocnt guys r thrashd in d repercusn f acts don by d masses..anothr thot i got ws dt evn gals r into d sam habit or rathr routine f doin d sam!wors its wen derz a gang f gigglin gals starin at a poor fellow..so i guess nyc writ up!mad me ponder!:)

    • was expecting kind off response.bt dat too frm a girl!never.yeah situation is quite converse nowadayz at some sorta cases.In cases, galz themselves want attention.anyway your a gal u know better!:)

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