Google Fight DDU vs other colleges

Those who have believed google is the god….

Googlefight-Site which is used to compare the no of results of a particular keyword…

Using that i tried tracking no of results of various collages.The results are:

LDRP-48,800 results

CHANGA-62,400 results

INDUS-149,000 results

NIRMA UNIVERSITY-157,000 results Embarassed

VGECG(abad)-234,000 results

DDU-353,000 resultsLaughing

LDCE- 721,000 results

NIT-32,200,000 results

IIT-Do you really care?I dont.

Bottom line-DDU rocks!

Note-The results may vary depending on how the term is searched.For example “DDU”,”Dharamsinh Desai university” & Dharamsinh Desai university will all give different results.

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  1. interesting!!!!

  2. All what i can say is “DDU ROCKS…”

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