Google Fiber: World’s Fastest Internet Connection

The Web search leader Google is launching its ultra-fast 1Gb-per-second Google Fiber Internet and Fiber TV service. Google announced last week that the gigabit network was coming.

The service uses optical fiber to deliver speeds far in excess of traditional web services – offering speeds faster than almost anywhere else on Earth.

In Current affairs it is dominated by Time Warner Cable Inc, which charges $99.95 for its fastest Internet-only service there. Google Fiber would be 20 times faster.

Google announced that this service will Initially be available in Kansas City, Missouri, and could start installations in September. Google hopes to roll out the service to other cities later.Google Fiber is expected to be installed to “fiber-hoods” ranked in the top 50% of those pre-registered by mid-2013. I, for one, am hoping Google will soon roll out to more cities.

Google is charging a $300 installation fee, saying consumers should treat it as a ‘home improvement’ cost.

Google Fiber promises to be 100 times faster than the average American broadband speed. The Google Fiber network box that comes with the service has four 1Gb Ethernet ports, but you can also connect your computers over Wi-Fi at 360Mb per second. The network box also offers a gigabit firewall.

Google Fibre Package Charges:
Google is offering three plans as below:-

1) The Gigabit + TV service is $120 a month, with a $300 construction fee waived if you sign a two-year contract. The Fiber TV service offers a large selection of network and some cable channels in HD, including Showtime and Starz. Along with the package, Google is giving in a free Nexus 7 and a TV box that records up to 500 hours and eight shows at once on its two terabytes of storage.

2) If you only want the Internet service, that’ll run you $70 a month, again with the $300 construction fee with contract.

3) A free plan is also offered, but limits you to 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds, and requires the $300 construction fee. This might work if you can’t afford the gigabit service.

Google Fiber will provide an instantaneous downloads, video uploading in the blink of an eye, and immediate file sharing which we had read on papers.

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