Formals vs Informals

Formal and InformalIn this highly competitive world, it is actually a tough ask to establish oneself as a pioneer in any profession. Especially in a country like India, which has exuberant manpower and resources, an opportunity is what is of prime importance. And as the saying goes, “Opportunity knocks the door only once”, one should make the best possible use of it.

Whenever any firm is looking for employees, it is ought to select the few most appropriate candidates amongst all applicants. Hence, everything in an applicant counts. Knowledge, etiquettes, interpersonal skills, attire, self-confidence and of course the resume, everything matters in an interview. The attire of an applicant is very crucial due to the fact that it gives the interviewer a first impression, even before the applicant starts the conversation. A regular t-shirt and jeans would be perceived by the interviewer, as a casual approach of the applicant and give the interviewer a sense of disinterest in the applicant. Also, “First impression is the last impression”. A good start to an interview would assure the applicant a sense of contentment and earn him some brownie points! So I believe formal attire in an interview is necessary.

But as I mentioned earlier, it is not just the attire and the outlook that matters. Once the conversation between the applicant and the interviewer starts, it is shear knowledge and presence of mind that takes him through. One must be sound and thorough in his respective field to have an effective interlocution. One must be polite, but assertive at the same time and his gestures should not be detrimental in anyway. The job of an interviewer is to judge the lifelong personality of the candidate in duration of minutes, so one must try to enhance his presentation in any way possible.

Sureel  Sheth,

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