Fooled again!!

“ME?”-i have been fooled again!

(what about you??)

I read recently a quote, posted by some guy as a facebook update. It said “Real eyes realize real lies”. Like the most updates that i read i didn’t really pay any attention to this one either, it was not until recently when an incident occurred that the same quote came crawling out of my lips. It was a usual day except that it wasn’t really usual as it was a day i was returning home after a long long time and that too not willingly. I had troubles going on in my life and my work was keeping me constantly busy, i was actually upset that i had to go home so urgently on such short notice. Well, who can explain all this to dad so, i simply agreed to his wishes and somehow boarded the Jamnagar- surat intercity heading towards my home. I had just settled on my seat after finding my seat and arranging my baggage, that i heard a vendor’s very irritating and high pitched voice. He was asking passengers whether they would like to order any breakfast, and then would repeat the whole list of various sandwiches that the passengers could choose from. I didn’t really pay any attention to him until he came to my seat and again started the whole damn listing procedure. The odd thing about him was that this guy unlike other vendors did not have any container of the various items he listed in front of me. My mind being preoccupied with the more serious troubles of life refused to pay any attention on the vendor, but my stomach started growling. I realised i was hungry and ordered a sandwich from that quailing vendor. I took out a 100 rupee note and handed it to him and waited for the change, he said he would come and return me the change in a moment. That was the exact moment when i looked at his face and a realisation struck me! Those were that 100 rupees that i will never get to see again and there will be no sandwiches or change coming my way. That guy was a con, and yes he made a fool out of me. I was so shocked and dumbstruck that i simply couldn’t believe that i got cheated by a con man on a train! My first reaction was shock and second was a self mocking smile as i realized what a fool i had been. Later during that 5 hour journey back home i started thinking about how drastically my life had changed in the past 1.5 years. Somehow i managed to make friends with a bunch of people and how after just a short time of 6 months they all turned their backs on me. That was a time i realized who were my true friends and who were the people in my life that really cared about me. Thinking about all the betrayals i have received in the short journey of 20 years of my life i realized that indeed this wasn’t the first time i had been conned. Those 100 rupees were in fact the most simple and least hurting betrayal of trust in my life as it was done by someone who was a thug a thief, and he was after the money, toying with emotions of others is more hurting and a bigger betrayal. Life teaches its lessons by experience! We meet every kind of person in this life, some we can trust and some we can’t, some make us smile and some become the reasons for the rolling tears under the eyes, some are helpful and some are downright rude…. its a long list, yes there are all kinds of people in this world and life brings you across all of them once, what it leaves upon you is how you judge them and whether you see through the their deceiving mask or whether you get betrayed! Whatever may happen during this journey; what i would like to say is never lose hope. Even if your trust gets betrayed, doesn’t mean you have to stop trusting everybody. No,  it just means you have to be a little more careful. Take some time out for knowing the people around you and try and see through their mask. Don’t be afraid of getting conned, take risks, be bold and soon you will realize that even if there are betrayers among us, the number of loyal people would always be a little higher!

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  1. Excellent article!Nicely written.

  2. nice one !!!

  3. agree with the previous comments.. nicely written.. & i also liked the way you connected a small incindent to the big reality of life..

  4. Very well written…!!! 🙂

  5. This is really nice.. You’ll see this article further somewhere, may be in some PRINT ISSUE of DDU Connect.!

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