First day of College

So I have got 1,460 days to spend here. Leaving Behind your friends and family isn’t that cushy. But still it’s a cardinal aspect of your growth where you will have to designate your avenue. I designate to be here. I designate to be an Engineer. And so I somehow counselled to get in DDIT (Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, Nadiad).

I had to wait for a long time to get admission over here and when I decisively got through; my parents were most perkiest. I was happy for them. I wasn’t sure if I would make them noble or baffle them but I surely knew one thing- for me all that matters is their happiness .The first day at college has been like a dream to us. Ever since we have been in our last year of high school we have dreamed about our college, what it would be like making new friends. Well I was pretty late as compared to others. I got the admission on vacant seats so I was probably late almost by 15 days and luckily I had one of my close friends with me, Jai. We have been in same classes from 3rd grade and so he was one of my best friends. We had to get our names in the student panel, and then we went ahead for our first lab, that is BEEE (Basic Electronic and Electrical Engineering).

 “Sir, Can we come in?” Jai asked

“No, you can’t. You are late already. Now you can get out and stop disturbing the class“

“Sir, it’s our first day. We were lost” I said

“Oh, I see you guys came on Vacant Seats” he said.

“Yeah” Jai and I said in Unison.

“Well. I hope you have registered your name at the University Desk, without that I can’t allow you”

“Yeah, Sir we have had our names registered” I said and he gestured us to get in.

 We kept our bags on the desk and got our stools around the table where our professor was teaching about multimeter and breadboard. The class ended after 2 hours and our next lecture was to begin at about 2:30. That left 1 and half hour to me and I planned to have a look at library and read some books. I have had a keen interest in reading Novels especially fantasy one’s that includes demigods and vampires. So I headed for library and Jai went to have lunch. In the library I found the book that I had been wanting to read for so long- The Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riodran. Percy Jackson Series has always been my favorite and finding a sequel to it in library was just like icing on the cake. And I was lost in it and when I realized what time it was I was actually late, and getting late was the last thing on my mind and that too on the first day of my college. I went rushing searching the corridors for my class room number. When I actually succeeded in finding my classroom, I saw the professor was already in the class. When I turned at the door every eyes in the classroom turned at me as if I were some animal in zoo.

I was embarrassed but still I gathered courage, and said, “Sir, may I come in” . Our Professor was in his mid twenties. He gestured me to get in and I went slowly and noticed that only first bench was empty and rest of them were occupied. So I sat on the first bench in the corner. The lecture was pretty interesting and was on one of my favorite subjects ELCP (Elements of Linux and C Programming). After the lecture got over I remembered to check if I have had any messages or calls. I opened my bag and searched for the cell phone but I realized my cellphone was missing. I began getting crazy. My dad had gifted me that cellphone just 2 months ago. And I couldn’t lose it. I started memorizing where did I last use my cellphone. The two girls behind me saw me panicking and asked me if I was okay. I told them about my cellphone. One of them asked my number and dialed it immediately. She told me the phone was ringing but nobody was picking it up .The next two lectures went in complete panic and then I suddenly remembered that last I used my cellphone was when I was in library. After the lectures got over I rushed immediately to the library and was glad to see that the cellphone was on the desk of the librarian. I was so much relieved to see my cellphone again. The librarian scolded me for being so careless and asked me to complete some formalities. I went out and saw the girl one who had dialed my number. She smiled and congratulated me and we both chuckled.

“I am Samaira, and you?” I Asked

“Well, I am Bianca” she said.

We headed for the main gate and soon we realized that we were going to stay in the same hostel. We became friends immediately. The walk to the hostel wasn’t long and with a good company, it seemed nothing. Soon we were at the door steps of my hostel and I was kind of happy after a long, boring and tensed day I was at my so called home for 4 years finally. I had two roommates (they were probably out or something). I had just arrived today morning and so didn’t had much time to introduce myself to them. I looked at the lists of books and the Xeroxes that I had to get from some Jalaram Xerox Station, and just thinking about that I lay on my bed. Nostalgia filled me and I was back in the High School days with friends back at Ahemdabad

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