Eleventh Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

“This week is an utter nightmare! I cleaned my closet, so that I could find the clothes I wanted to wear. Bingo! I found the prettiest black top that I had totally forgotten about.

Guess what? I didn’t fit in it! Thanks to all the junk food I’ve been eating!” If you haven’t come across this conversation as a teenager, then the only question that remains is – what planet do you come from? Believe it or not this is exactly how most of my friends sound most of the time. If they aren’t busy complaining about being fat, it’s either too short, too tall, too skinny, too dark. Here is the deal – Ananya walked into class one fine sunny morning in the worst mood possible. Reason, you ask? She was too fat. She pointed at a girl 3 benches away from me and said “look at her. I’m sure that one never eats”. I couldn’t help but laugh, because that was the exact same girl who was complaining about being too skinny during the maths lecture a few days back. It’s a wonder what a silent class and a good pair of ears can do! Now I’d heard a similar kind of discussion between Ruth and Aditya about a guy who was tall enough for them to be jealous of him. He probably thought it wasn’t fun towering over people everywhere he went. It just hit me this week – how my nose is so ugly! Just kidding. What I’m trying to say is that it’s just a strange world where people want a trait that they see in front of them. But the truth is, “sabb moh maya hai!”. How is the body they’ve been taking care of for 18 or 19 years so unacceptable to people? Who would have thought the actress that you’ve idolized so much, doesn’t wake up that beautiful. She works out, applies a hell lot of makeup and pays a zillion dollars for her hairdo. But such is the way of life. You wake up, stand in front of the mirror taking ages to get ready, and then spend a couple more minutes to complain about how you don’t look as good as ‘xyz’. I don’t know about you, but I gained 7 kilograms last month. And what I’m going to do about it is – stand in front of the mirror and tell the person I see that she looks perfect holding the huge slice of pizza. Whatever I feel about the cute black top, I’m sure the extra cheese will compensate for.



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