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If human is the superlative creation of God then music is humans’ excellent formation. The beauty of music, however, is that it allows us to foster many forms of intelligence and also enjoyed by billions of people in different language and shared by all ages. Music not only touches our heart but it also amalgamates and settles down a disheartened mind. Music plays a vital role in the progress of physical, mental, emotional and social skills of human.

Music controls superior part of our life and unswervingly affects the ultimate process of how we come to an action. Music is a touch that benefits many facets of our lives; however, from physical to spiritual, one cannot argue that music plays a vital role in our personal growth and are fond of listening to music while they are jogging and working out; however, it allows us to express our wishes through song.

Music also allows us to develop other aspects of our minds by giving us a multi-faceted form of expression that we can use to gain a better insight into the world around us. It allows us to stay not only informed about the people around the world but ourselves as well. Playing just instrumental music in the background while performing any task is beneficial as it helps to focus on a particular work we do and increase the memory power.

Music is an enormous way for a student to develop reading ability and writing skills and gain knowledge of to reach for their very best level. Nevertheless, music also improves the understanding of a students’ homework and enables a higher level of concentration. Students’ having some knowledge of music are more motivated about learning new things and helps increase the imagination power.

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