DDU to celebrate ‘University Foundation Day’

1st January, 2013 is going to be the biggest day so far in the history of Dharmsinh Desai University. D.D.I.T, which was founded by late Shri Dharmsinh Desai in January 1968, at present D.D.University celebrates more than 45 years of its existence and success. Hence the university management has decided to celebrate 1st January, 2013 as the ‘D.D. University Foundation Day’. The celebration is going to be one of its kinds. We are not going to have any ruckus or pompous propaganda on the campus, but the management has planned to have a “grand” noble cause to commemorate the occasion.

D.D. University will have a gargantuan “Eye Pledging Campaign” as the celebration of University Foundation Day.

What is eye pledging?

Do you keep your books/novels with you after you’ve read them? Possessing something after its utility is over makes absolutely no sense. Same applies for our eyes. The utility of our eyes is till we’re alive. But what about them once we’re dead? Why not donate our eyes once we’re dead so they can spread light in somebody else’s world? Why not keep seeing the world even after your death with your eyes and somebody else’s body? Let’s be immortal by pledging our eyes.

Pledging eyes in simple words means to “take a pledge” to donate your eyes after you’re dead. Each person who takes this pledge will be given a pledge card which he/she can keep along all the time. If something untoward happens to you (to be precise and direct – your death) and if the card is found with your corpse, your eyes will be donated to a blind person. The pledge and pledge card will be a proof for your consent to donate your eyes after your death. The pledging and donation will be coordinated with the support of E.B.A.I. (Eye Bank Association of India).Statistics say that India needs about 1,50,000 corneas today but unfortunately only 35,000 are available. Why not take a noble initiative to quench this need?

How is the occasion grand?

The occasion is going to be grand because D.D.U intends to make a “world-record” of Eye-Pledging. The current Guinness Book of World Record states that the world-record for “eye-pledging” is “2262 people pledging their eyes in 8 hours”. DDU on 1st January, 2013 will attempt to break this world record. The whole event will be under camera surveillance. The surveillance records will be sent to Guinness Book  authorities.

 Who can participate in the cause?

                Anybody related to Dharmsinh Desai University- students, faculties, staff, alumni can be a part of this event. Additionally you can also get your parents with you and make them a part of this noble cause as well. When it comes to noble causes- “The more the merrier”.


                There cannot be a bigger incentive than being a part of such a noble cause. But on practical note, each person participating in the event and taking a pledge will be given a certificate by the university and if the world-record is broken and a new-record is created by DDU, each pledger will get a certificate from Guinness Book of World Records. What can be better than adorning your CV/Resume with a World-Record certificate?

                We hope that maximum number of people associated with DDU be a part of this on 1st January, 2013. Additionally, you can also help us spreading the word about the event with some posters, slogans, banner and other creative stuff. You can mail your suggestions/inputs to: dduconnect@gmail.com

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