DDU Quiz 5

Hola DDUians!
Here is an opportunity for you.

Guess which part of the university is the following in.



You may be the one to win exciting coupons in Nadiad!

Terms and rules-
-Only DDU students can participate in the quiz.
-You can give your answers by writing them in the comment box below. Once written, you cannot edit or delete your answers or mention secondary answers.
-Answers must be given within mentioned time limit only, i.e., before 12 am tomorrow.
-In case of multiple correct answers, winners will be chosen randomly.
-Winner must produced his I-D card while collecting prize.

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  1. Library area from the top.

  2. this is the dome of the library which is beside the administrative building and we can also see the front gate of nadiad education society aka j and j college which is opposite to ddu across the road

  3. Its our library’s top dome.

  4. Padsala Kirtikumar

    It is library dome!!

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