DDU Foundation Day 2015

Foundation Day. A Day etched with glorious history. It started with a Foundation Day tradition, the Tradition of social service. This year, DDU adopted a village, providing it with medical and social awareness along with regular medical check up. Festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in India. Fairs and festivals are what Indians cherish! This foundation day, Celebration was our main agenda! Celebration of everything! Celebration of festivals, celebration of talent, celebration of happiness, celebration of the DDU being Asia’s best education institution!

The day started at the village with a small ceremony. It was followed by Uttarayan celebration at our college ground. DDUians were given an opportunity to set up their food stalls. Students were served with delicious varieties of snacks. Students also planned their very own Flash mob! Enthusiasm was worth revering. This year students were given a perfect platform to showcase their talent. “Star of DDU”, a contest organized to unveil the talent, was appreciated and judged by renowned dignitaries. Out of 10 accomplished DDUians, Apoorva Singhal, EC, Sem4 was chosen as the “Star of DDU”. The day was concluded with Diwali celebration: fireworks and sky lanterns. It was a beautiful start to 2015.

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