DDU Connect’s Re-Subscription Drive!

Dear friends !!!….

DDU Connect has won several hearts and gained so much due to the love and respect that it has gained from you DDUians.

Tracing back the journey of DDU CONNECT in the yesteryear, we now believe and conclude that DDU CONNECT is not “By The People and For The People “ but “BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE”. And that is you!!

The ones who enjoyed ‘Volume 1’ and the ones who didn’t do not worry we now are with a speculation and a BANG ! With a twist for the ones who enjoy GoSSIp over tech news, Love StoRies over fiction and the ones who are too bored to read ..!!

We have increased from 16 to 20 pages and yes with the same cost…

We have new pages that will entice and tickle or even trip a tear from your eyes with heart touching stories.. LoVe and Relationship, Fun Page are the ones that will take you aback by surprise.!!.DDU Speaks will be a treasure of knowledge for the ones who do not like reading the newspaper but still want to stay in touch with current affairs…

NOW we all know that money matters !!.. SO we are offering coupons worth Rs. 150  for the subscription of a Rs 120 8-issue subscription.  So padhna acha nahi lagta?!! Well no worries then coupons hai na …!! The coupons are from the well-known Javed Habib, Neo-politin, Celebrations ,Mr Chef and Havmor..!!! You could easily grab an issue and have fun munching your favourite food with a discounted rate ..!!

The response to DDU CONNECT has been overwhelming all over and many faculties know the students for their write ups and their artistic skills.!!! ! And personally ask yourself did you know the guy/girl next to you in your batch could write such tremendous poems to write so gracefully or draw equivalent to R.K. Laxman ?!! No right so give a hand and reading support for the ones and give a boost up to yourself too to write like Shakespeare or  rhyme like Robert Frost.

For a being a part to write in DDU CONNECT you surely DO need to subscribe ..!! DDU CONNECT runs on hard word and mainly the key ingredient or you can say the ‘chemical X’( in making the power puff girls  ) is your love and affection and support.!!.

This paper is for you no personal profit but just a platform for the ones hungry to express their thoughts feelings to someone !! It for the ones whose passion is to write and read !!


Go rush for your DDU CONNECT issue by SUBSCRIBING TODAY..!!..:)

Resubscription ON till Saturday, 2nd March 2013 on DDU Connect Desk @ Centre Foyer

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