DDU Connect’s Website Now Open For All!

Hello DDUians! In our journey so far, we’ve got overwhelming response from one and all on DDU’s horizon. We’ve got amazing write-ups, poems and creations of all genres from all. In return to this boundless love and good-will for DDU Connect, we’ve a small reciprocation to make!

In order to facilitate the inflow of content, DDU Connect’s website http://dduconnect.in has been made open for all students at DDU. You can now register by CLICKING HERE.

Once you register, a password and a confirmation link will be sent to your email id which you’ve mentioned while registration. Upon confirmation, you will have an active ID on the DDU Connect’s website. Through this ID you can share your articles, poems, etc. on the website. If your creations get a good response, they stand a chance to be published in the PRINT ISSUE of DDU CONNECT.

So far in every issue, we have had a chunk of articles which we had taken from DDU CONNECT’s website. Next one could be yours! So register at the earliest and start posting your articles. More articles you post (which are your own creation and not plagiarized), better are your chances to get it in DDU Connect’s print issue.

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