DDU Connect interviews LIGO India Head

Resonating with current excitement in world about the discovery of Gravitational Waves, DDU Connect got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Dr. Ajai Kumar, Project Head, LIGO India and an eminent scientist at the Institute of Plasma Research, Gandhinagar.

Team Connect got the opportunity to have a first hand learning of the Gravitational Waves and the LIGO from the scientist himself. He shared some of his expertise regarding the selection of India for the establishment of the LIGO owing to our geographic location. According to him, LIGO India would help in pinpointing the source of the Gravitational Waves in coordination with other LIGO’s in USA and Japan. He also explained the significance of this discovery and the great potential it holds for the future of technology. The privilege of this interaction helped the team learn more about the groundbreaking Gravitational Waves discovery and how the waves were detected. The DDU Connect team grabbed this opportunity with both hands after all it was indeed a once in a lifetime kind of moment!

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