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    DNA chips or microarrays are recent developments for DNA sequencing – the process of determini...

  • DENGUE – Know it !

    DENGUE – Know it !

    What is Dengue? Dengue is one of the most common illnesses in humans. It is a flu like illness which...

  • Frosty Fun

    The sky is low The wind is gray, The radiator purrs All the day… Days are short Sun a spark, R...

  • Pill Poppers..!!!

    Pill Poppers..!!!

    A recent survey found that, as a nation, we are taking more over-the-counter pills than ever before....

  • Banned drugs

    Banned drugs

    WHAT ARE BANNED DRUGS? As per the D&C (drugs & cosmetics) act a ban on the drug is imposed f...

“Pharmacy: A life supporting science”

“Pharmacy: A life supporting science”

In our fast paced life, full of short-termed targets and upcoming deadlines each coming day, medicines have become an inevitable and unavoidable part of our life. Rising blood pressures and severe headaches are a day-to-day affair for today’s ‘internet generation.’ ...

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