Book Review- Chariot Of The Gods

Have you ever wondered how a civilization, with mere hammers and chisels, could build superstructures like the pyramids? Or how could a race who still predicted time by the length of the shadow have weapons like the Bhramastra, which could destroy the entire world with a single arrow? There are several theories for these. Most people discard these things as myths and don’t give much thought to it. But recently I came across this book “The Chariot Of The Gods” which brought an altogether different viewpoint of looking at our past. The author Erich Von Daniken suggests that judging the wide gap between the possible technology our ancestors can have and the actual architectural and monumental feats which they have achieved, couldn’t it be possible that the earth had extra-terrestrial help in the past? That the earth had been visited by aliens, who due to their superior technology were revered and worshipped by mankind? Shocked? Yeah, I too was shocked. The idea itself sounds too insane to be true. But as the author shows examples of technologies far more ahead than the time of the civilization, it compels the reader to think. Take for example, the author shows a picture of a medieval map called “Piri Reis” map, which allegedly shows earth as seen from space, another picture of “The Nazca Lines” in Peru which are giant paintings on the ground, which could only be drawn with the help of aerial surveillance. Numerous other examples include The Egyptian Pyramids, The Pyramids of Puma Punku, The Stonehenge, technology such as the “Pushpaka Vimana” with the Indian Gods. The author makes a daring hypothesis that the technology and the religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by extra- terrestrial astronauts who were welcome as Gods. Well, these are some serious accusations, so the people who are staunchly religious may rather not read it, and the reader’s discretion is strongly required. Apart from that, this book provides some real good thought for the reader’s mind. I personally enjoyed reading this book very much and finished reading it in one shot. The best non-fiction book I’ve read in a looooong time, that’s all I can say….

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Sem 3, MH,


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