Heard this word for the first time? Read it twice, this may be the 8th wonder of  the world in near future. Ever thought of going to America or Russia or any other country by your own private vehicle? If yes, then it is going to become a reality. If no, it is though going to be a reality.




Vitus BERING, a scientist and a Danish navigator, explored the North Pacific for the Russians and discovered Bering Island and the Strait. In 1728 he sailed through the Strait, proving that Asia and North America are separate continents and hence it is named “Bering strait”.


A bridge, which will connect the easternmost point of the Asian continent and Cape Prince of WalesAlaska, USA, the westernmost point of the North American continent for the first time after Ice age, is going to be built on the Bering Strait. The bridge will need 220 piers to build. It will be divided into 3 parts. Top most part will be used for roadways, middle part will be used for railways, and bottommost part will be used for pipelines.  So the oil from Syria could be transported to America very easily and consuming less time which will meet the ever increasing demand of oil in America.




Some major obstacles that need to be overcome for the bridge to become a reality are:The depth of the water as the strait is no deeper than 180 ft (55 m).

  • The route would lie just south of the arctic circle where average winter lows -20 °C and sometimes even approaches -50 °C. So the biggest challenge is to rest the foundation on ice.
  • The survival of bridge in the Arctic Ocean during worst scenarios is also a matter of concern because there are no icebergs in the Bering Strait, rather there are ice floes which are nearly 6ft (2 m) thick and are in constant motion during certain seasons which could produce forces in the order of 44,000 kN on a pier (supporter).
  • Also the wind speed in arctic region is more than100 miles/hr which can easily off-balance a truck on the other side. So the bridge should be stable even under its extreme conditions.
  • Another point of concern is that, as of 2012, there is nothing on either side of the Bering Strait to connect the bridge to.



    We can reach from Russia to Alaska in less than an hour through this bridge. The bridge will bring the world together and will revolutionize the world economy.


    The most amazing thing that would happen is, when a person in Russia would cross the bridge and land in Alaska (N. America) he would actually travel 1 day back in his life.


    No other bridge close to this length is built so far. “Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge” consisting of two paralled bridges is longest in the world nearly 23 miles long. But this Bering Strait Bridge is going to be 55 miles long. This project will surely be a milestone in the history of infrastructure.




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