“Behna – The Ultimate Creation Of God…”


Few lines to the caring and sensitive sisters of the universe on behalf of all brothers of the universe. We had the privilege of meeting a multifaceted personality like u….

As a person who lifts us from solitude….

As a only person on earth who will never be selfish with us …..

As a person who will always be there to sympathize with us….

As a person to whom we can show our frustration, with the surety of getting tons of love in turn…..

As a person who will understand the untold things just by an eye contact….

As a person who will always put us on top of her priority…..

As a person who will know our mood by the way we text ….

As an inner friendly voice of every brother….

As an nondetachable part of our soul….

“This personality costs more than our own life…..”


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