Backup for Every Breakup

Recently I received a SMS from two of my very close friends. Both of them were contradictory to each other. One of them was – “Being single is always fun. No tensions, fights, worries, night calls. But have you ever wondered that being in a relationship might be good, when you wake up to find a ‘gm sweetheart’ in your inbox, or early in the morning you listen to that sweet voice again. Isn’t that sweet? When you are all alone, you need just that person with you; you don’t like to talk to anyone else. Small fights, eagerness of the clock striking 11 at night and then talking till 4 am! Saying `sorry jaan` after a fight and starting again with who started first – isn’t that sweet? Then why do people say being single is fun?”

This message really left me contemplating. I was asking to myself that whether it’s all true when the other message arrived that stated:

“Single is not a status. It’s a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on other…” Now the question is that whether these two statements are really true? Honestly, I am not in favor of either of them. Neither am I against being in a relationship nor do I advocate being single. It’s just a sense of satisfaction. The word ‘Relationship’ as described in the oxford dictionary means an emotional association between two people. But is it really holding its significance today? Back in school, one of my good friends was proposed by a senior guy (one of the studs) and obviously she accepted it. Later they broke up within a month for a silly reason – students making fun of them. There are myriad of such stories.
I don’t wish to develop some weird image of all relationships and put every pair under the scanner, but the only thing that is to be communicated is the way it must start and the manner it should carry on. I am reminded of one of the quotes of my friend who used to say “there is a backup for every break up”, but unfortunately I do not wish people to follow such a strategy.

-Ragini Das

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