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A letter to my daughter

My Darling Daughter, The first notion that came into my mind when I pondered about you is that how I, as a father will bring you up. But more thought-provoking things are the reasons and circumstances which made me think ...

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તહેવારોની બ્રાંડ વેલ્યુ

સપરમે દા’ડે સંકલ્પ : વાંચીને મગજ જરા ગોટાળે ચડશે. સંકલ્પ તો ખબર પડી, દા’ડે ય અમુકને ખબર પડશે, ના ખબર પડી હોય એમના માટે દા’ડે ઍટલે દિવસે નુ અપભ્રંશ થયેલુ વર્ઝન (હવે ભાઈ, અપભ્રંશ ઍટલે શું? ઍ ના પુછતા.),પણ આ ...

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Will I ever tell her the truth?

A fine winter morning is like a glimpse in paradise. The most favorite time to enjoy the nature but for me, the holidays are meant for a late morning. The pleasure indeed is blossomed in the warmth of the blanket ...

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the modern era of nanotechnology and ULSI we electro-technoz think that the automated world leaves no reason for us to solder, but the fact is electronics is not in your blood without soldering.   Importance: It is done by students ...

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Sharpening your skills

Just knowing how to write a program will not make you an ace in programming. To overcome both the heads and tails, in order to win your toss is the utmost requirement. The content here provides you to tackle the ...

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Things change, and so do people; but what remains forever are a bunch of those nautanki Friends who somehow remain entangled for life. And well of course, if you are among those lucky lads, you even come across, your Love ...

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