An Ode to My Mom

A lot of LOVE,
And that hand ABOVE, 🙂
To justify your PLACE,
Would be an endless CHASE !!

A lot to ENOUNCE,
But how do I OUNCE? 🙂
Age & Wrinkles got to EXPRESS,
That bright face of STRESS !!

A lot to FUSS,
Allot them all to US, 🙂
I know your face is ABLE,
To hide each & every TROUBLE !!

Your frank & friendly ACT, 🙂
Taste on your HAND,
No other chef can STAND !!

A lot of CARE,
That you always SHARE, 🙂
Who can play a role better than YOU?
I wonder even if there are FEW !!

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  1. awesome one again 🙂

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